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Moose English Bulldog Puppy 12/27/2017

SOLD – Full Rights – $7,500

Hi there! My name is Moose and I am the biggest puppy of my litter! Since I am dark brown, Mama T says I’m a chocolate mousse…yummy! As you can see I am a gorgeous little sweetie whose color is chocolate tri. I am a sweet little dude and I’m a lot of fun! I want to be your spoiled rotten baby. A $500 non refundable deposit is needed to hold me.

I’m doing VERY well at my potty training and ALWAYS poo on the puppy pads or outside. But, like the rest of my brothers and sisters, I’m still a little confused as to where I need to pee, so I will need some help. Right now when I’m in unfamiliar situations, I’m definitely brave! I’m not afraid of the dark and when I go to the vet, I’m right there wanting to be loved on. Mama T says I’m still kind of naughty because I like to bite toes and feet while you’re walking. I know I’m not supposed to, but I absolutely can’t help myself. I’ve been corrected many times and I rarely do it, but I like to grab things hanging in the air. I know what the word no means, but sometimes it’s just too much fun not to grab it!

I love to play with all the other puppies, and I think I’d like a brother or sister who is nice to me. If I’m going to be your only special child, your one and only, I’m very happy to do that too! However, I’m used to lots of crazy loud activities, including kitties, dogs, and parrots, so I might be a little bit lonely. You may have to buy me some stuffed animals so I have some friends. I like to sleep in the crate but I could probably use a puppy pen for a little while until I learn to go outside and go potty all the time.

I’ve been checked out twice by Dr. Ferguson at Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital (I like her a lot…I just HAD to give her kisses!), I’ve had two sets of shots, I’m microchipped, and I am already registered with AKC. I come with a health guarantee, my DNA report, a bag of goodies and LOTS of SNUGGLES and KISSES. I love to be held and snuggled, but I do occasionally bite your toes or pants; but, I am a puppy, so you’ll just have to remind me and give me something else to chew on.

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My DNA results have come back and show that I am clear of all genetic diseases that Embark Vet can test for, but I am an English bulldog so I Mama T highly recommends that you get a good insurance for me right away. My test results are available at… I will come with two sets of shots and will need my third shot as well as my rabies shot when I get old enough. Mama T does not believe in over vaccinating so we have just had the basic shots. If you decide to get me additional vaccinations that is OK, but she wanted to get the families the choice of whether or not they vaccinated for things and some vaccinations can make puppy is very sick. I am also microchipped and will come pre-registered with the AKC as a pet. There will be additional items that you can get from the AKC if you’d like and will be given access to my account.

I am looking for a special family that will love me for the outstanding little guy that I am. I love to go for rides already and after my last set of shots, please take me everywhere to continue my socialization! I am a sweet, gentle soul and would do best with other non-dominant dogs.

I am ready to go to my new home! If you’re interested in me, Mama T has a CRAZY long application that she will send you to fill out. But, she loves me very much and wants you to love me that much too! Please don’t be offended, but some people don’t like breeders and they don’t want me, they just want to waste time. I know if you really want me, you won’t mind!

I will come with some of my favorite toys food, and several items help get me started out on the right foot with my new family. I forward to meeting my new family… I have lots of puppy hugs and kisses and I’m ready to share them with you!

Please note, Mama T would prefer I stay near Seattle, but if you’re perfect for me, I can go anywhere in the US, but you have to come get me yourself or fly her to deliver me. Sorry, but Mama T MUST meet at least one of my new parents! I’m pretty big so you’d probably need a first class seat or 2 coach seats. I weigh almost 20 pounds.



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