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Rogue English Bulldog Puppy 12/27/2017

SOLD – $6,000

Hi there! My name is Rogue. I know you probably already knew that, but I am a very brave puppy and I come right up and introduce myself. Mama T says that I’m not afraid of anything at all (I even attacked the vacuum the first time it came near me (hahaha)… I am definitely going to be a strong willed bulldog. Mama T thinks that I was probably the oldest of all the puppies because I did everything first. I was the first one to wander around the whelping box…when I was only two days old…thus earning my name of Rogue! (I DO know my name, but it’s okay if you want to change it). I was the first one to walk, I opened my eyes first and I am definitely the most independent when it comes to the other girl bulldogs around here…except for my awesome mom Buttercup, of course.

Mama T said I have to tell you that I have a completely clear DNA health analysis (they tested me for over 160 things! Because I am so spectacular, Mama T said she would consider letting me go to a small hobby breeder just like herself, or I would be super happy to be someone’s fabulous, spoiled princess. I’m just like my mom and I’m very playful, I’m very independent, and I like what is mine…but my mom is a big snuggler and I love cuddles too. I even stand up in the puppy pen and look extra cute so they’ll pick me up and love on me. I trained them well. I am very sweet, however, I have to tell you, if it’s my bone, it’s MY bone! Oh, and my mom loves water and plays in her puppy pool every summer. I probably will too…so if you go to the beach or lake, take me too…with my life jacket of course!

I am definitely going to require a bulldog savvy family or at least one who is really willing to take up the challenge of a stubborn willful bulldog. I am a beautiful little blonde and my fur looks like velvet, I have a very sweet disposition, and I think that if you would like to take me on long walks, teach me to play fetch, teach me to skateboard, or find lots of other ways to burn off my energy, I will probably love it. I would like to have a family that will keep me entertained if I’m going to be an only dog (I can go with you too!) or if you have older kids or puppies (or kitties) to play with, that would be great too. I love to play with my siblings, but I’m happy to play by myself too.

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I’m very good and I usually don’t bite my people, but I would probably hurt smaller children because I have really sharp teeth and I do occasionally bite your feet or pants. I will need lots of toys to chew on, and you will definitely have to give me proper things to chew on when I do bite. I’m very smart and I like to learn..when Mama T tells me ‘no’ in a firm voice, I know what it means, but sometimes I just don’t want to stop. I know hands aren’t for biting, so I can learn that toes are also a no no.

My potty training is going very well, but it will still going take a lot of work for me. I am very good about going on my potty pads, but I still have oopsies. I’m still going to require a lot of training and positive reinforcement. I do like treats when I’m good (I’m learning to sit very well on command). I finally got to go outside on March 1 and on my very first outing I sniffed around like the big dogs and I promptly went poop. Later that day, I got to go outside again, and I did exactly the same thing. I came back into the house for a few minutes and played and when I had to go tinkle, I went outside and sniffed around and I tinkled! I don’t know why, but that Mama T lady just went crazy… She told me I was such a good girl and gave me lots of scratches and loves. I think I definitely have the idea of what’s going on.

Thank you for reading all about me!



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